Lady Gowrie Childcare Visit Hobart Animal Hospital

Lady Gowrie Childcare Visit Hobart Animal Hospital

Lady Gowrie Childcare Visit

Early in June a lovely group of children from Lady Gowrie Childcare Centre visited Hobart Animal Hospital for a tour of our veterinary clinic.

The Argyle Room children were greeted by our nursing staff and given surgical masks and hats to wear, just like part of the team. A few of the group came very prepared, already wearing lab coats! They were very excited to meet the vets and nurses, but even more excited to meet some of our patients.

One of our nurses, Meg, brought in her dog Harley and the students learnt how to use a stethoscope and enjoyed listening to his heart. Dr Deans showed the children some mites and ticks under the microscope, they thought they were hilariously grotesque! Dr Coyne took the group on a tour of our clinic, making their way around the consultation rooms, treatment areas, pharmacy, surgery and dental room. The children learnt what each of these areas are used for and even met a few of our hospitalised patients. They found it very interesting watching Dr Coyne give a tiny eight week old kitten a worming tablet.

We were all thrilled to receive the some drawing from the children and a note to let us know how much they enjoyed their outing.

“Thanks again for allowing the children to come for an excursion, they had the best time! We were so impressed with the effort everyone put in to making us feel welcome and the high level of detail that was provided to the children. The learning that took place on the excursion was so rich and meaningful, whilst being highly interactive and engaging for the children.

 They we so excited to return to care and inform their peers and families about what they saw and did and even now a week later, they are still talking about it. In particular, a couple of children have even told us that they would like to be vets when they grow up!

 Once again thank you! This was truly a highlight of the year.”

 Kind Regards,

Stacey, Janine, Caitlin and The Argyle Room Children From Lady Gowrie Campbell Street.

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