Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Your welcome to pop in anytime to weigh your pet on our scales.

We are all inclined to give our pets too much food and give too little exercise, but who can resist those pleas for that extra treat and as a consequence about 25-30% of dogs and cats are now overweight.

Many pet owners think that a bit of extra weight is not a concern. However, overweight pets are predisposed to serious conditions including arthritis, pancreatitis, diabetes (especially with cats) and even cardiovascular disease. Excess body fat shortens a pet’s life span.

Discuss your pet’s ideal weight with your veterinarian at your next visit and if they are a little on the podgy side, then our staff can help with weight reduction strategies and advice on a prescription food specifically designed for weight reduction. These diets are properly balanced and will provide your pet with all the nutrition they need while losing weight.

Obesity in pets is a dangerous condition. Be tough with yourself to be kind to your pet.

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