Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month

Does your dog or cat have bad breath or dirty teeth?

We are offering FREE dental checks and $100 OFF all dental procedures throughout August to help keep your pet smiling.

Four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which may go unnoticed by owners.  Pets often won’t show pain. Even pets with sore gums, infected mouths and broken teeth will continue to eat so owners may not see any problems.

Bad breath or halitosis, is the smell of bacteria and plaque on your pet’s teeth. It is never normal and quite often indicates a problem.  Bacterial plaque hardens to form tartar and spreads under the gum line where toxins from the bacteria cause gingivitis, bone infection and ultimately tooth loss.  Gingivitis and bone infection are very painful.

Pet Dental Health MonthPet Dental Health Month

About 80 per cent of adult animals have some degree of dental disease, which becomes more severe with age.  Regular dental health checks help ensure bacteria and poisons from dental infections do not spread to the heart, liver and kidneys through the blood stream.

During August we are offering free dental checks and $100 off all dental procedures.  The aim of the check is to identify any emerging dental issues, however, when a pet opens its mouth, only some parts of the gum and teeth are visible.  Your veterinarian might recommend investigating your pet’s dental health further, under general anaesthesia.  This allows for a thorough dental investigation of every single tooth, above and below the gum line.  Active home care and dental friendly diets and chews will also be discussed.

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